Wednesday, 24 April 2013

India asks China to withdraw border troops

India asks China to withdraw border troops 

Foreign ministry asks China to pull back troops who allegedly advanced into disputed territory claimed by India.


India has accused Chinese soldiers of launching an incursion far into Indian territory, the latest flare-up of tension between the two Asian giants over their de facto boundary in the Himalayas.
"Chinese troops entered 10km into Indian territory on April 15 and pitched tents in the Depsang valley in the Ladakh region of eastern Kashmir," an Indian official said on Tuesday.
Indian army commanders have met at least two times with their Chinese counterparts, but Chinese troops remain in Indian-claimed territory, said Tsering Angchuk, a civil administrator in Ladakh. "They have not vacated the position so far,'' he said.
India's foreign ministry said it had asked China to withdraw troops from the territory.
"We have asked the Chinese side to maintain the status quo in this sector [of the western border]," spokesman Syed Akbaruddin told a briefing. "By this I mean the status quo prior to this incident."
China dismissed reports of an incursion as Indian media speculation and said the border region has been peaceful.
"The two parties have maintained good communication and coordination on the border issue,'' Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Tuesday.
A day earlier, Hua said Chinese troops had "patrolled the border line and did not go one step across the Line of Actual Control,'' the unofficial boundary between the two countries.
India says Chinese troops have repeatedly crossed the boundary in recent years, leaving trash with Chinese markings as evidence of their presence.
However, Indian officials said the new incursion was far deeper into Indian-claimed territory than before.
Indian foreign secretary Ranjan Mathai filed a protest over the incursion with the Chinese ambassador last week, an external affairs ministry official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media about the sensitive subject.
Indian defense minister AK Antony said Monday that "India will take every step to protect its interests.'' He did not elaborate.

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